You might have noticed that leopard print is having a moment again and I for one and so excited to see it out and about again. There is something about this print that just makes me feel wild, untamed and sassy. By now we know very well that all trends, given time, will come back again and this begs the question - when do you stop spending on trends? In my view the answer is very simple - stop NOW. To be completely honest trends are a waste of time and cash. No, you probably won't love neon green for the rest of your life so is it really worth spending money on it? Sure trends offer the chance to try something new at a high street price but it really is a gamble at whether or not you'll love it long term. My suggestion is not new or groundbreaking but mainly a reminder, buy classics and wear them till they fall apart then buy new classics. Sure the odd hair clip might be a good way to refresh a look and sometimes it really is as simple as a tiny change to bring new life to your current wardrobe but make sure you're spending money you're happy to loose. There is very rarely a return on your fashion investment, with the exception of an Hermes vintage Kelly or Birkin bag, so if you're looking at investing think it through for a good few days before committing. Either that or make sure there's an amazingly good returns policy!

Cami - Witchery, Skirt - Seed, Heels - Alexandre Birman, Sunnies - Celine



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