First week of autumn and I'm already in two minds. Part of me is really looking forward to trackies and cuddling up in front of the fire and the other (admittedly larger) part of me is craving for more days of sunlight till 8pm and 40 degree heat. That, I guess, is human nature in a nutshell - always wanting what you don't have. I'll be happier when I have more money, a different relationship, more travel or those shoes. Whatever it may be, we all on some level crave what we don't currently have. In an age where everything is instant and you can change your mind and mood instantly, often with one or two taps on your phone screen (and a credit card) you can possess what you're staring at. It arrives, you're happy for a while before your eye is caught by something else on your screen. Social media is an absolutely incredible tool to make new connections and friendships, extend your business reach and interact with like minded people. As with everything there can be no light without the dark and the dark side of social media isn't often discussed. It's almost impossible not to compare your life to the perfectly considered grid you see online, with one major difference. You're comparing their highlights reel with the darkest parts of your life and it's not a fair fight. Comparison is the thief of all joy and dammit social media is the biggest culprit for comparison. These perfectly curated grids that portray a better body, they're stronger, skinnier, have more shoes and that coat I can't afford or an incredible lifestyle where they're in a different city each week. Sometimes every scroll feels like it attacks my mental health, making me feel bad while I sit in my smelly gym clothes and compare my life to theirs. We don't crave reality because we have it, we crave what 'they' on the phone screen have because it's different. Let's say for argument sake you lead the life you have always dreamt of. You have limitless money, travel opportunities, shoes choices or photoshoots/fashion shows to go to. What then? Do you think you'll be happy? For how long?

How long will it take you to realise it's all fake? Everything that you see online can be purchased and I really do mean everything. Followers, likes, invitations, clothes - you name it and it will have a price. I won't lie, some days I have to remind myself that my life, exactly the way it is now flaws and all, is what other people dream of. Today was one of those days, I needed to knock myself down a few pegs and remember that there will ALWAYS be someone with more and there with ALWAYS be someone with less. But your life, exactly how it is now is an absolute gift. No it's not perfect and it never will be but it is absolutely worth your gratitude and thanks. Mine is and today I needed to remind myself of that.

Blazer - Ellery, Top - , Skirt - Scanlan Theodore, Heels - Sophia Webster



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