Pop your collar. Such a simple thing to do but it has such a powerful impact. Got a meeting you need to ace, pop your collar. Staring your to-do list down and don't know where to start, pop your collar. For me, it's this simple saying that makes me want to take action, it's same as 'roll up your sleeves' which instantly makes me want to help and accomplish. Pop your collar, aside from being a very catchy Usher song, puts me in boss mode, churning out work with a focussed mindset that means in an hour or two or sometimes ten I am a powerhouse of productivity, not just ticking boxes and going through the motions but a fierce boss bitch who takes no prisoners but also takes regular breaks to play with her dog. With my collar popped, sometimes figuratively I'll admit cause I do a lot of work in my pajamas, I get shit done. It's even more effective when you do actually have a collar to pop, that is just the most kick starting action I can take. It's more positive than a kick in the ass and it's even more empowering cause you can only to do it yourself. YOU, amazingly perfect and unique you, have the enormous power to impact your day with a single pop.

Maybe I'm rambling, maybe it's helped, maybe it's just made you sing that Usher song but whatever it is I hope you pop that collar and make today productive and rewarding.

#Outfit Shirt - Borrowed from Ray, Skirt - Seed Heritage, Heels - Aquazzura


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