Quietly loving the light silky layers of Autumn, it's giving me the perfect excuse to rediscover all of my lighter pieces and test my styling skills. There's something incredibly beautiful about this season of change and I'm not just talking about the weather. In my relationships at the moment almost all my friends and family are going through a stage of shedding, whether that be jobs, relationships, home, work or family, it just seems to be in the air. I've never really been against change as I believe it leads to something greater and regardless if that's a challenge or loss, even if it pushes me from my comfort zone, I am so for it. We cannot be stagnant in life, stale is boring and counter productive. Repeat or evolve my love, it's that deliciously simple. Are you bored of doing the same thing? Do you want another year like the one you just had? No? Then evolve! Run with the season of change, be daring and just watch where it takes you. Let your life be full and I really mean full. Full of laughter, tears, fun and sorrow. Feel it all completely because this is the greatest life we will ever have and though none of us will get out alive, we can take every opportunity to live it. Always choose change, leap and just trust that everything will be OK. Never be afraid to shed, like the butterfly and this incredible Autumn we're having, there is amazing beauty in loss and change. You are capable, you are brave, you are strong and you are worthy.

And you ask "What if I fall?"

Oh but my darling, "What if you fly?"

Sequin dress - ASOS, White dress - Zimmermann, Trench - Fleur du Mal, Heels - Alexandre Birman


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