I was asked by a girlfriend the other day how I come up with so many different looks from my existing pool of clothing. I laughed out loud as it's not something that I make a point to do, it just comes naturally to me as a peruse magazines, scroll through Pinterest and Instagram and also while I'm online shopping. It's quite often that I'll be mid thought and just get up and put a look together as I think of it, or if I'm out and about I just jot it down in a notebook or my phone. I know every single piece of clothing in my wardrobe, where it is, if it's clean and what I've worn it with. This is both a blessing and a curse as most of the time I'm not inspired just by standing in front of racks of clothes I know like the back of my hand. Drawing inspiration from so many other sources is honestly so much fun for me. I love to challenge my style and how many different ways I can reinvent an item.

Along with monochrome, layering is one of my favourite ways of styling an outfit. Picking a few little details you want to show and then layering complimentary pieces is an amazing way to get more wear out of your items and also to breathe new life into your existing wardrobe. I start by picking just one item, usually one with amazing detail on it, and building from there. Here I wanted to keep the high lace neck and the beautiful embroidered sleeves on show. From there it was a case of picking a top layer that would showcase enough, add another texture/movement to the look and add a bit of coverage cause that lace dress is sheer (and there are not enough squats in the world to make me rock that sans slip!) Topped off with my beloved caged heels, simple, classic and beautiful - if I do say so myself.

Draw inspiration from your surroundings, nature and other people but make it your own. You are uniquely beautiful and what you bring to the table is so special. Showcase that every time you get dressed. Be extra, try new things and above all make sure you have fun with it! Life's too short to be anything less than happy.

Top - Ellery, Dress - Macgraw, Heels - Sophia Webster


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