What would you do if you didn't have any limits? No worries about what anyone else was doing or thinking or creating? What if you couldn't fail? It's hard to imagine a world where we're not constantly bombarded with information, photos and expectations. The fact that we're online and available 24 hours a day is setting a dangerous precedent that you MUST be multi-tasking and hitting goals every moment of every day. I am 30 years old and though I have an extraordinary life I still do get stressed, a lot. Ray and I have always just focussed on staying 'in our own lane' and not giving a lot of air time to what everyone else is doing and in our life together we do just that, plod along with our own plans and our own timing. For me personally I find it much harder to keep my eyes focussed on my own work and achievements without comparing them to other people. Yesterday for example I spent a large part of the day searching for inspiration from other creatives work and was drawing a complete blank, weirdly enough it was my own photos that triggered more inspiration. When did I start looking to other people for approval or acknowledgement? Right here and now I want to strip away the stigma that any life is perfect, here are some good old honest facts I am absolutely unashamed to share.

1. This blog is a hobby and I really haven't made much money from it at all. Like, nearly nothing! Our income comes from Ray's business which is why I can be seen working at 2am up to my eyeballs in invoices, plans and ordering.

2. I was declined for 7 shows I wanted to go to for Fashion Week. Meh, I'll enjoy the ones I do go to all the more!

3. Sometimes when I shoot clothes I have to hide the fact that they won't do up properly. I love wine and food so I guess somethings gotta give.

THERE! The truth is out there and I am much happier for it. It's not that I don't care what people think, infact for my inner circle of friends and family I crave their opinions and thoughts more than my own, I just am learning that you don't have to pick up every opinion that gets put out there. Live your truth, take on board productive and constructive feedback and ignore the rest. Also remember that not everyone wants to see you succeed and that says more about them than it does about you. Honestly, humility and generosity wins, always.

Dress - Witchery, Pants - Max Mara, Bra - Lonley, Heels - Christian Louboutin

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